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Workforce Development.

Our programs teach management, operators and security personnel to understand emerging industrial cyber security threats and methods of reducing risk. Our unique set of courses range from entry-level online e-learning programs and in-house OT cyber security workshops, all the way to advanced hacking training for senior security staff responsible for protecting your OT.

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Multi-level Training

Our tailored OT cyber security courses cater for upper management, operators, engineers and senior security staff requiring advanced learning.

Real-world Use Cases

Our methods, learning points and discussions are built upon real-world use cases, drawn from our extensive cross-sector experience in the field.

A Foundation For Learning

Our targeted range of training programs forms a well-established basis to springboard the security maturity of your organisation to a greater level.

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Teaching risk-based approaches to assist in identifying threats and enhancing the cyber resilience of your operations.

Looking to up-skill the staff responsible for the secure operations of your business-critical production processes? By developing risk-based approaches which reduce the likelihood of negative impacts on your operations technology, our programs target all levels of staff involved in critical production processes.

We draw on real-world use cases and our extensive experience from years of fieldwork with leading organisations in a wide range of industrial sectors. Our tailored sessions include hands-on demonstrations showing how attackers exploit vulnerabilities in industrial devices and networks, and proven best practices to mitigate risks.

Our training programs help ensure staff display the right behaviour, follow good security practices and operate your systems safely and reliably every day. This helps protect your staff, assets and business continuity.

Online OT Security Awareness Training

Operators and engineers handling your Operations Technology (OT) have a vital role in safeguarding cyber security, and their actions can impact business critical operations. As such, it is crucial they understand the risks associated with their work. Our Online OT Security Awareness Training is an e-learning program designed to bring awareness and minimise the risks involved with human behavior.

Advanced ICS/SCADA Hacking Training

Gain exposure to real life ICS/SCADA system hacking to understand how to safeguard critical control systems with our hands-on 2-day training. This program is targeted towards process automation and control systems managers, IT/OT security officers, network engineers, penetration testers, forensic researchers, system developers, and auditing and security operations officers.

In-house OT Security Workshops

From management teams to security-oriented staff, in-house workshops are an ideal way to develop the OT cyber security skills within your organisation. Our learning points are based on real-world use cases, with hands-on hacking labs to drive technical focussed training sessions. Your staff will understand proven risk-based strategies to keep your operations cyber-resilient.

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Every organisation has unique requirements. That's why we remain flexible and can cater to your specific industry, challenges and target audience. Contact us to find out how we can tailor training programs to suit your needs.

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Our unique expertise in the field allows us to help at every step in the process - from designing and developing secure industrial facilities to running and maintaining your operations. Let our OT cyber security professionals assist in enhancing the cyber resilience of your critical business processes.

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