Join Applied Risk's 2019 Annual Industrial Cybersecurity Event in Amsterdam: De Nachtwacht!


This year's De Nachtwacht: Industrial Cyber Security Gathering agenda is just about ready to kick-off, and includes key presentations from experts responsible for industrial cyber security at OSIsoft, LyondellBasell, Rijkswaterstaat and Applied Risk.

Topics include:

  • High-value systems warrant hardcore hardening measures
  • Why manufacturing companies are failing to deploy Cyber Security Controls on ICS
  • The challenges of implementing the IMO Cybersecurity regulation
  • Establishing a roadmap to effective OT security monitoring: a cyber kill chain approach

Applied Risk’s 2019 event will be hosted on October 9th, with this invitation-only event operating with an agenda built specifically to peak the interest of security officers, CISOs and industrial security professionals. Placements are limited for this free event. If you would like to request an invitation, fill in the form on this page.

For those unfamiliar with one of the most famous relics of the Dutch Golden Age, Rembrant’s ‘De Nachtwacht’ or ‘The Night Watch’ for those of you outside The Netherlands, depicts the Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq. This group of civilian soldiers protected Amsterdam from physical attack, with the colossal-sized artwork capturing the spirit of a community coming together for the protection of their society.

Applied Risk's annual event ‘De Nachtwacht: Industrial Cyber Security Gathering’ has an ideology that is no different. Whilst there is a substantial gap in time between the 1700’s and the year we live in today, the central theme of a community coming together for the betterment and protection of what is considered critical very much lives on. Today our communities depend on critical services supplying reliable power, water, transport amongst other essentials. In our eyes, the modern Nachtwacht may as well consist of those responsible for the safe and secure operations of our critical infrastructure.

That’s why once a year, the team at Applied Risk dedicates themselves to bringing together industrial cyber security professionals across a huge range of industries – including power, oil and gas, manufacturing, transport, maritime, water and chemical sectors. Our aim is to put 2019's challenges in the spotlight and allow our industrial community to share and learn with each other in an informative and thought-provoking half-day event, followed by the opportunity to kick-back and network with some bites and drinks!

Join us at De Nachtwacht

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